Personal Info:
Real Name: Eric Slaughter
Also Known As: Robin of Locksley, Attila the Hun, St. George, the Black Ninja, the Red Baron, "Scourge of God", Robin Hood, "Slayer of Darkness", Manfred Freiherr Von Richthofen, Hrolf Kraki
Place Of Birth: England
First Appearance: Master of Kung Fu Vol.1 #54 (1975) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: MI-6
Base Of Operations: England
Grudges: Shang-Chi
Creators: Doug Moench and Jim Craig
Weapons: War-Yore as Robin of Locksley, wielded a crossbow armed with explosive arrows, and an electrically-charged sword; as Attila the Hun, he wielded a dagger containing knock-out gas in its pommel, a mace covered with glass studs containing acid, and a shield; as the Black Ninja, he was armed with explosive shuriken controlled by a homing device to locate targets and gloves equipped with claws; as the Red Baron, he flew a WWI tri-plane that fired laser beams capable of slicing through metal and a laser pistol; as St. George, he wielded a lance that could fire laser beams, and another sword charged with electricity; as War-Yore, he wielded Attila the Hun's mace, the Black Ninja's gloves, an axe, and Robin of Locksley's crossbow.
War-Yore possesses no superhuman abilities; in each of his guises, he would wield advanced technology based on primitive weapons.
Eric Slaughter was once a timid, overweight, non-violent office worker, employed by MI-6, who was fascinated by "the art of strife", and the great warriors of the past. MI-6 subjected him to experimental treatments to create "the perfect optimum-danger operative", but the brainwashing methods drove him insane. Having lost his own identity, he "became" the many warriors he had been fascinated with, including St. George, Robin of Locksley, the Red Baron, Attila the Hun, and the Black Ninja. Dubbing him "War-Yore", MI-6 soon found the perfect assignment for him, recently, four MI-6 agents (Shang-Chi, Leiko Wu, Clive Reston and Black Jack Tarr) had quit the agency, and MI-6 felt they could no longer be trusted to keep their secrets. Because War-Yore was insane, he was chosen to eliminate them, so that even if something went wrong, his actions could be safely disavowed.
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