Personal Info:
Real Name: M'Baku
Also Known As: White Gorilla, Magilla
Place Of Birth: Wakanda, Africa
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.1 #62 (1969) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Grim Reaper, Living Laser, Power Man and the Swordsman
Group Affiliation: Villains for Hire, Lethal Legion, Masters of Evil
Base Of Operations: Wakanda
Grudges: Black Panther
Creators: Roy Thomas and John Buscema
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Enhanced Abilities: Man-Ape’s Strength, Endurance and Durability have all been enhanced to super human levels.
Tracking: Man-Ape is able to track prey with a high degree of skill.
M'Baku was one of the greatest warriors of the African nation Wakanda, second only to T'Challa, the Black Panther himself. While the Panther, king of the Wakanda, was on leave from his royal duties to serve the Avengers in America, the ambitious M'Baku plotted to usurp the throne. The Wakandan culture had evolved from a hunter-warrior society and was traditionally ruled by its greatest warrior. The Black Panther had outlawed the rival White Gorilla cult from Wakanda while the Panther cult was dominant. M'Baku flouted T'Challa's edicts and revived the White Gorilla cult, personally stalking and killing one of the rare white gorillas living in the jungles near Wakanda. Bathing in the gorilla's blood and eating the gorilla's flesh mystically conferred its great strength upon M'Baku Now, calling himself the Man-Ape, he openly challenged the Panther's right to rule.
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