Sensational Hydra
Sensational Hydra
Personal Info:
Real Name: Sn'Tlo
Also Known As: Captain America, Gordon Winchester
Place Of Birth: Tarnax IV, Tarnax system, Andromeda Galaxy
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.3 #3 (1998) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Skrulls, Batroc the Leaper
Group Affiliation: Skrull Empire, HYDRA
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Captain America, Avengers and the Fantastic Four
Creators: Mark Waid and Ron Garney
Sensational Hydra is a master strategist and an influential leader.
Shape Shifting: Like all deviant Skrulls, the Sensational Hydra possesses the ability to change his shape at will.
An unnamed Skrull and two of his lackeys became stranded on Earth. The unnamed Skrull wanted to exact vengeance from the inhabitants of Earth for all the suffering they had caused the Skrull race. Posing as a human he infiltrated HYDRA, and quickly rose to the position of Supreme Hydra. Deciding that the term 'Supreme Hydra' didn't fit his flamboyant personality he redubbed himself the Sensational Hydra.
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