Personal Info:
Real Name: Quinn (First name unrevealed)
Also Known As: Conqueror-Lord
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight Vol.1 #28 (1976) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: Leader of his own gang of criminals
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Moon Knight
Creators: Doug Moench and Don Perlin
The Conquer-Lord is a master of many forms of martial arts. He is also a skilled assassin and marksman adept in the use of multiple types of guns and hand-held weaponry. He also leads a gang of crooked ex-cops and other criminals, all of which were armed with guns.
Body Armour: The Conquer-Lord wears body armor which appears to be a type of chain mail.
Weapons: The Conquer-Lord uses a High-powered sniper rifle and a large mace.
Traps: The Conquer-Lord likes to set-up elaborate traps in order to combat his opponents. These traps would usually test an opponent's skills though provided the Conquer-Lord himself with an advantage.
Mr. Quinn ran a small criminal empire in New York City and sought to gain control of the entire city by having his pawn become mayor in the upcoming election. The only person that he believed to be a threat to his plans was the Moon Knight, and he went to great lengths to procure the superhero's secret identity and various video files depicting him in action from the group known only as the Committee. Using this knowledge, Quinn sent an agent named Merkins into the home of Steven Grant (One of the Moon Knight's several secret identities), posing as his new valet, so that he could keep an eye on the hero and ensure that he did nothing to interfere with his plans.
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