Silver Samurai
Silver Samurai
Personal Info:
Real Name: Shingen Harada
Also Known As: New Silver Samurai, Silver Samurai Jr.
Place Of Birth: Japan
First Appearance: Wolverine Vol.2 #300 (2012) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Kade Kilgore, Mystique, Dario Agger, The Hand
Group Affiliation: Clan Yashida, Yakuza, Formerly The Hand, Hellfire Academy, Hydra
Base Of Operations: Yashida Corporation Offices, Tokyo, Honshu, Japan
Grudges: Wolverine
Creators: Jason Aaron and Steven Sanders
Gallery: Click
Silver Samurai is a highly skilled engineer and businessman. He is also an expert swordsman and a trained ninja.
Genius Level-Intelligence: Silver Samurai possesses a keen and adept mind, even from an early age he was a technological savant whom had designed impressive wonders of mechanical craftsmanship.
Healing Factor: The nanotechnology injected into Silver Samurai allows him to regenerate from fatal wounds. However, it is uncertain if it would allow regeneration of loss limbs or decapitation.
Body Armour: Silver Samuraiís high-tech armour provides a high degree of protection from physical and energy attacks.
Weapons: Silver Samurai utilises razor sharp Katanaís that can be energised, he also uses Nuclear Nunchuks.
Flight: Silver Samurai can fly due to jet boosters in his armour.
Shingen Harada is the illegitimate son of Keniuchio Harada, the original Silver Samurai. A technological prodigy he makes up for his lack of mutant abilities with a self created set of armor that replicates his fatherís abilities.
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