Electro 2099
Electro 2099
Personal Info:
Real Name: Inaplicable
Also Known As: Battery Man
Place Of Birth: Inaplicable
First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 Vol.3 #11 (2016) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Tyler Stone, Glorianna, Man Mountain Marko, Sandwoman, Venom, Venture, Vulture, Dr. Alexi Cronos, Doctor Octopus, Medea
Group Affiliation: Sinister Six, The Fist
Base Of Operations: Alchemax Building, Nueva York, United States of America, 2099 A.D.
Grudges: Spider-Man 2099
Creators: Peter David and William Sliney
Gallery: Click
Electrical Generation: Electro has the ability to generate electricity within his own body and release it as a defensive and offensive weapon. Such effects include electrical bolts, electrical touch, riding bridges of electricity he creates, taking control of machinery and absorbing energy.
Invulnerability to Electricity: Electro is invulnerable to electrical attacks and has some resistance to energy attacks.
Electro was a service android that was hit by a burst of electricity and it accidentally burned out his obedience chips, giving him sentience. Additionally, a generator accident gave him the power to conduct electricity. Becoming a super-villain, Electro joined the Sinister Six in the 2099 A.D.
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