Personal Info:
Real Name: Andreas Zorba
Also Known As: Hunter Exemplar, Count Zorba
Place Of Birth: Greece
First Appearance: Black Panther Vol.1 #4 (1977) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Bedlam, Conquest, Decay, Inferno, Juggernaut, Stonecutter, Tempest
Group Affiliation: Exemplars, Collectors
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Avengers
Creators: Jack Kirby
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Enhanced Abilities: Carnivore has enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability.
Healing Factor: Carnivore has an accelerated healing factor that allows him to rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues.
Claws: Carnivore has a set of claws capable of rending steel and stone.
An independently wealthy and internationally known collector of antiquities, Count Andreas Zobra is a member of the Antiquarians, a loose, informal grouping of collectors throughout the world who pride themselves on their ability to locate and acquire ancient artefacts, the more bizarre the better. Highly competitive, Zorba is described by employees as not terribly interested in his collection of rarities once he'd acquired them. His main interest, apparently, was in the chase-- in beating his fellow Antiquarians to the prizes they sough, and in the knowledge that he'd won out over them.
More recently, Zorba tried to race his archaeological peers to the temple of Balthaak, but was unsuccessful. His violent confrontation with the Antiquarians already present allowed Samantha McGee to enter the temple and be transformed into Inferno. Zorba learned of what happened to her and led the archaeologists (and their associate Tony Stark) to another recently discovered temple. Before anyone could stop him, Zorba raced inside to discover the artefact known as Farallah's Fearsome Fist, becoming transformed into the Exemplar called Carnivore.
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