Colin Sixty
Colin Sixty
Personal Info:
Real Name: Colin Sixty
Also Known As: C. Anderson Sixty, Mandarin Two
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol.1 #4 (2013) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Endotherm, Marc Kumar, Mole Man, Victor Kohl, Alec Eiffel
Group Affiliation: The Mandarin's A.I.M., Cortex Inc.
Base Of Operations: Cortex Inc. Lunar Headquarters, Tranquility Gulch, Moon
Grudges: Iron Man and Iron Patriot
Creators: Al Ewing and Neil Edwards
Impact Beam Ring: The Influence Ring allows Sixty to generate and project various beams of concussive force.
Force Blast (Electron Beam, Neutron Beam): Colin may project blasts of concussive energy.
Sonic Beam: Colin may project waves of high-intensity sound.
Teleportation: Additionally, his ring enables Colin Sixty to teleport. Its teleportation range is unknown, but it can even allow its bearer to travel even through realms.
Colin Sixty was part of the clone output created by A.I.M.. He was created specifically to be sold to Cortex Inc.
As "C. Anderson Sixty", Colin Sixty was put under the charge of the regional direction of Cortex Inc.'s Lunar operations in Tranquility Gulch.
When Tony Stark, the governor of Tranquility Gulch, went on a quest to kick out major competitors in the exploitation of Phlogistone, he revealed Anderson Sixty's true nature to the press, in order to discredit Cortex by having allied with A.I.M.. With his life ruined, Colin tried to kill Stark with a laser cutter, using his martial arts training, Stark disposed of Colin's weapon and maimed his hand in a tank of liquid nitrogen.
Anderson Sixty was chosen by the Daimonic ring of the deceased Mandarin as its host, "Mandarin Two," in order to help it and the other rings have revenge on Tony Stark.
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