Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Wolverine
Place Of Birth: Haven, Earth-691
First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 #8 (1990) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Bat-Wing, Bear, Blaster, Blockade, Mindscan, Rhodney, Shaddo, Side-step
Group Affiliation: Formerly The Nine
Base Of Operations: Formerly Haven, Earth-691
Grudges: Guardians of the Galaxy 3000
Creators: Jim Valentino
Gallery: Click
Rancor is a skilled and capable leader. She is also a formidable hand to hand combatant, highly skilled and familiar with in a number of different fighting techniques from various worlds throughout the galaxy.
Enhanced Abilities: Rancor has superhuman strength, agility, endurance and durability.
Regenerative Healing Factor: As with Wolverine, Rancor's primary mutant attribute is an accelerated healing factor that enables her to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human, or most members of known alien species for that matter.
Advanced Longevity: A side effect of her healing powers is a greatly extended lifespan. Her natural aging process has been dramatically reduced, though it isn't known to what degree.
Superhuman Senses: Rancor's senses of sight, smell, and hearing function with superhuman levels of accuracy. She can see objects much further, and with perfect clarity, than any ordinary human. She retains this same level of clarity at night, even in near-total darkness. Rancor's sense of hearing is similarly enhanced, enabling her to detect sounds ordinary humans can't and sounds that they can but at much further distances. Her sense of smell is possibly her most developed sense, enabling her to track a target by scent with ease and over great distances. She is able to discern the different scents of different humanoid species and remember a scent even if she hasn't detected it in years.
Claws: Rancor has a set of razor sharp claws, which she can use as a weapon.
Just prior the Martian invasion in the 20th Century, the mutants left Earth to avoid persecution. This exodus eventually led them to a habitable planet they named Haven. The last surviving member of the original mutants was the long-lived Logan, who was looked to for leadership. He refused, but his descendants had no such reservations. Thus, they have remained in leadership roles, even after his departure. Over time, their bestial nature has turned them into tyrants. The latest in the line is Rancor, who ascended by killing her father on her 16th birthday. Over time the number of mutants dwindled. More and more of the births resulted in baseline humans, and the mutants became an elite ruling over the humans with an iron hand.
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