Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Uloc, the 31st century
First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 #3 (1990) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Brahl, Broadside, Photon, Eightyfive, Malevolence, Scanner, Tachyon
Group Affiliation: Force
Base Of Operations: Mobile throughout the universe in 31st century
Grudges: Guardians of the Galaxy 3000
Creators: Jim Valentino
Elemental Control: Interface can discern the elemental composition of objects. Furthermore, he can mentally change them, either making them evaporate harmlessly, or altering them into a different composition.
Genius: Interface has a genius level intellect.
Interface was a member of the Council of Uloc Elders, the leaders of his planet. However, they were visited by the Universal Church of Truth. When they declined the Church’s brand of world peace, their planet was “purified”. Interface was one of the few to survive. He was promptly enslaved, and his wife and daughter were lost. He served as technician for the Church until visited by the being Tachyon, who empowered him and helped him escape.
Visiting the planet Centauri IV, they rescued the infant they would name Photon, and Interface adopted her as his own. He formed a mercenary group around himself, named Force, recruiting others with unique talents.
When he learned of a sacred shield which supposedly bestowed great power on its wielder, Interface led his group on a search for the shield. They eventually tracked it down to a planet. The computer that ran that world, Main Frame, forced them to compete against another team that had been searching for the shield, the Guardians of the Galaxy.
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