Nathan Beame
Nathan Beame
Personal Info:
Real Name: Nathan Beame
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Ghost Rider Vol.2 #33 (1978) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Dark Riders
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Formerly Nathan's World
Grudges: Ghost Rider
Creators: Roger McKenzie and Don Perlin
Nathan Beame’s physical body, though unaging, is very weak and has to be kept within a special preservative structure. In recent years he used a clear bubble for such function, and he traveled by levitating the bubble.
Mental Abilities: Nathan is apparently a mutant with great psychic powers, enabling him to perform many feats of mental aptitude, including: reanimating and controlling the dead, creating and controlling complex machinery, preventing himself and others from aging, physically transforming others, controlling minds, levitating, generating winds, etc.
In the 17th century Anna Beame sensed that the foetus she carried was going to be something special. The night Nathan was born, "Heaven wept and the wind howled like a lost soul." At the stroke of midnight, he was born, his eyes open and glowing. His mid-wife, Catrina, pushed past Jonathan and ran screaming from the house. Shortly before dawn, the villagers arrived, believing that Anna was a witch and that she had birthed a demon. They overwhelmed Jonathan, rushed into the house, and beat Anna to death; but as they moved towards the infant, Nathan raised his hands, turned their hatred and fear back on him and transformed them all into monstrous form. He then reanimated his mother's corpse and had her carry him outside of their cabin, which burned from the villagers' torches.
Nathan did not age beyond his pre-teen years, and he prevented his father from aging as well; he did his best to maintain his mother, though she did deteriorate to some degree over time. The family wandered, rarely settling in one place for long, shunning civilization. Eventually they headed west. Though Nathan's mind continued to grow in power, his body grew ever weaker. He was eventually forced to confine himself to a contrivance of his own design in order to live. Over time he altered his crude efforts with more advanced technology.
Eventually Nathan designed an immense subterranean base, his World, somewhere in the American Southwest. He populated it with cyborgs of his own design and used it to cloak his existence from all. He further created various machines for his own purpose. Nathan worked to cure his own physical ailment to no avail, and he became less and less humane over time, experimenting on any people he encountered.
Prospector Woody Guthers stumbled across Nathan's World and accidentally activated one of his machines, with bathed him in energy and granted him psychic powers, though lesser than Nathan's own powers. Angered, Nathan sent his Dark Riders to capture Woody, who escaped. Nathan sent his ship in pursuit of Woody, and it dispatched a group of Dark Riders on skycycles after him. Woody was joined in fighting them by the Ghost Rider.
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