Red Widow
Red Widow
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: The Guard
Place Of Birth: Russia
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.8 #10 (2018) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Vanguard, Chernobog, Perun, Ursa Major, Vostok
Group Affiliation: Winter Guard
Base Of Operations: Winter Guard Mansion, Moscow, Russia
Grudges: Avengers
Creators: Jason Aaron and David Marquez
Gallery: Click
The Red Widow is a product of the Red Room, a Russian program to train the deadliest female spy. She has mastered many fields of hand-to-hand combat; she’s a trained acrobat and a highly skilled assassin. She is trained in espionage and covert operation techniques, as well as being an expert in hand-to-hand weaponry and firearms.
Staff: The Red Widow typically carries a bladed staff.
The silent Red Widow is the latest product of the Red Room, a Russian program to train the deadliest female spy in the world. Originally a homeless girl, she was brought into the program when she was seven years old. As a result of the Red Room's rigorous training, the her body is covered in scabs and scars.
Following the Russian government's decision to revamp their nation's premier super-team, the Winter Guard, the Red Widow was appointed as a member of the unit. Despite the Crimson Dynamo acting as the leader of the Winter Guard, Red Widow often calls the shots. During battle, she can be observed silently at a distance from the conflict, in order to report to her superiors.
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