Personal Info:
Real Name: Anatoly (full name unrevealed)
Also Known As: Sputnik
Place Of Birth: Russia
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.1 #352 (1989) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Vanguard, Chernobog, Red Widow, Ursa Major, Perun
Group Affiliation: Winter Guard, People's Protectorate, Supreme Soviets
Base Of Operations: Winter Guard Mansion, Moscow, Russia
Grudges: Avengers and Namor
Creators: Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: Vostok has superhuman strength, endurance and durability.
Body Transformation: Vostok has the ability to melt himself into an amorphous liquid metal to permeate physical orifices for the sake of pacification or otherwise. He can also use this facet of his abilities for tactile telepathy; invading the mindscape of those whom he is bonded too through this method, as well as being able to create armaments made out of the same bio-metallic alloy that compromises his liquid metallic body.
Phasing: Vostok can phase through solid matter.
Technopathy: Vostok has the ability to interface directly with technology and even remotely manipulate any mechanical system.
Energy Blasts: Vostok can discharge energy from his hands and eyes.
Flight: Vostok can defy gravity and fly.
Originally a Soviet scientist, Vostok was formed after experimenting with an alien vessel found by the USSR. Radically transformed by the encounter, Vostok became a new life-form of synthetic matter and technology who no longer answered to his previous identity. Vostok became a founding member of the Supreme Soviets, the officially sanctioned super-team of the USSR who replaced the Soviet Super-Soldiers.
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