Personal Info:
Real Name: Benjamin "Ben" Reilly
Also Known As: Spider-Man, King Chasm, Scarlet Spider,Spider-Carnage, Spider-Clone, Canadian Spider-Man, The Jackal, Miles Warren, Peter Parker
Place Of Birth: Jackal's Laboratory, Catskill Mountains, New York
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #93 (2022) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Madelyne Pryor
Group Affiliation: Formerly Beyond Corporation, Space Friends, Midnight Sons, New U Technologies, Superior Spider-Army, New Warriors, Daily Grind
Base Of Operations: New York City, New York
Grudges: Venom and Spider-Man
Creators: Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, Zeb Wells and Patrick Gleason
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Enhanced Abilities: Chasmís strength, endurance, agility, reflexes and durability are all enhanced to superhuman levels.
Wall-Crawling: Chasm can adhere to vertical and upside down surfaces.
Spider-Sense: Chasm possesses an extrasensory "danger" or "spider" sense which warns him of potential immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of his skull, and links with his superhuman kinesthetics, which enable him to evade most any injuries. As Chasm Reilly is affected by a psycho-reactive goo, his Spider-Sense has developed an offensive capability. Though normally his Spider-Sense is "defensive" making Chasm aware of the dangers around him, Chasm's new Spider-Sense can counter and physically attack a would-be attacker.
Regeneration: If injured, his body is capable of regenerating faster than an ordinary human being is capable of.
Energy Manipulation: Chasm has displayed the capability to forge solid light weapons of his own emanating energy, a result of the psycho-reactive goo.
Ben Reilly is a genetic clone of Peter Parker, the super hero Spider-Man, who went on to determine his own identity as the Scarlet Spider. Ben was created by Miles Warren, the super villain known as the Jackal, to torment the hero, and seemingly died in their first encounter. The clone survived and exiled himself for five years, only returning to New York after learning that Parker's Aunt May was sick. After making amends with Peter, Ben fought alongside him as the Scarlet Spider. For a brief time, Ben and Peter were tricked by Norman Osborn via Seward Trainer to believe Ben was the real Peter Parker. Peter left New York with his wife Mary Jane Watson, leaving Ben to pick up the mantle of Spider-Man. During a subsequent confrontation against Osborn as the Green Goblin, Ben was impaled and died in Peter's arms, also discovering that Peter being the clone was a fabrication.
Ben was later brought back to life by Miles Warren using a new cloning method, and spent years being constantly killed and resurrected by his creator to improve on the cloning technology. Driven mad, Ben managed to escape and overthrow Warren, becoming the new Jackal. He founded New U Technologies in an ill-conceived attempt to use cloning technology for good, but was ultimately stopped by Spider-Man. Seeking redemption but still mentally unstable, Ben moved to Las Vegas and resumed his identity as the Scarlet Spider. He came into conflict with fellow clone Kaine, who had also adopted the moniker of the Scarlet Spider. Ben was eventually left with a damaged soul after being killed and reborn one more time. Ben saw a chance at redemption during the return of the spider-hunting Inheritors. Sacrificing himself to defeat Jennix, Ben was then resurrected with cloning technology, which gave him a clean slate. Ben briefly readopted the Spider-Man mantle, becoming a corporate-sponsored hero for the Beyond Corporation in exchange for being reunited with his lover Janine Godbe. However, Ben turned against his predecessor after Beyond's machinations erased his formative memories. Further tormented after being mutated by a mutagenic polymer, Ben became Chasm.
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