Omega Sentinel
Omega Sentinel
Personal Info:
Real Name: Karima Shapandar
Also Known As: Areka, Prime Sentinel, Malice
Place Of Birth: Calcutta, India
First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited Vol.1 #27 (2000) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Agent Goodall, Doctor Cain, M.O.D.O.K., Captain Moore, Nimrod, Doctor Smith, Moira Mactaggert, Doctor B. Barrington, Captain Erasmus Mendel, Doctor Mars, Doctor Smyth, Henry Gyrich
Group Affiliation: Orchis; formerly X-Men, Acolytes/Marauders, Genoshan Excalibur, Omega Prime Sentinels, Indian Police Force
Base Of Operations: Orchis Forge
Grudges: X-Men
Creators: Chris Claremont, Joe Pruett and Brett Booth
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Enhanced Abilities: Omega Sentinel has super human strength, agility, speed, endurance and durability.
Nano Shifting: Her nano-technological carapace enables Omega numerous mechanism morphing capabilities from generating Plasma Coils, Electrostatic Poles, Plasma Torches, Energy Guns to life Support, Machine Interface, Hologram Projection, Threat Adaptation and more.
Nanite Regeneration: Omega has the ability to repair any physical injury/damage she receives, she is also repaired so that she is stronger and more durable than she was before she suffered damage.
Adaptivity: Once assaulted in some manner or another and after having recuperated from it, Omega's Omega Prime Sentinel tech memorises the damage dealt onto it and alters her frame to develops a tough resistance to recurring injury.
Cyberpathy: Having been remade into a living computer, Omega's mind operates on different level compared to when she was a baseline Humans (Homo sapiens). like a typical cyberpath Karima has vast data storage and collating capacity, able to receive and utilize all forms of electronic data and transmissions with her mind. She also has an access store of various functions pertaining to her Omega Prime Sentinel programming which enables her to activate a host of protocols and functions of her biomorphic person. This includes satellite modem access, long-range interactive holograms, target identification and acquisition locks.
Technopathy: A more direct application of her cybernetic functions, Typical of most Omega Prime Series sentinels while also unique to Omega herself. She has a capacity for linking with and controlling as well as restructuring and assimilating localised technology to a limited degree.
Energy Manipulation: Being an early series prototype Omega Prime Sentinel, Karima boasted modifications that enable her to project and control energy on a subatomic scale. Enabling her to emit various dynamistic signatures and alter their substance to various degrees projecting plasma, microwave or even electromagnetism on some scale.
Teleportation: Omega is capable of long range instantaneous transport over incredibly vast distances. About as far from one point of the world to another on the other side of it.
Flight: Omega Sentinel has flight capacity by unknown means, either along the lines of rocket boots or anti-gravity propulsion.
Enhanced Sensors: Her Prime Sentinel technology offers numerous scanning, homing and radar senses. particularly used for tracking mutant signatures Karima is capable of finding and tracking other odds and ends as well. Stemming to Telescopic, Microscopic and X-ray vision as well as Proximity Sensors, Bio-Scanning and Monitoring, individual Bio-Tagging and Locating, Target ID and Acquisition Locks, etc.
Weapons: Omega Sentinel has several projectile weapons including Plasma Knives, Armour Piercing Darts, Lasers, Volt-Casters, Sonic Scramblers, Neural Disruptors, Rail-guns, Extendable Finger Knives, Nitrogen and Flame Dispensing Weapons.
Karima Shapandar was an Indian National Police officer who has been infected with Omega Sentinel technology and has become a machine equipped with state-of-the-art technology aimed at exterminating mutants. Thanks to the efforts of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto, she overcame her lethal programming and was able to put use of her Sentinel devices to help mutantkind.
Eventually, Shapandar became a member of a controversial team of X-Men led by Rogue. Her association with the X-Men led her to have her systems corrupted and possessed by different antagonists, namely the Marauder Malice and the primal villain Arkea. Regardless, the Omega Sentinel was able to fight her molesters and side with the X-Men to combat them.
However, her infection still led her to turn against mutants. Supplanted by a complete machine version of herself who had experienced mutant dominance over machines, the Omega Sentinel was responsible for sparking the creation of Orchis, an anti-mutant powerful organization which influentially attacks mutants both directly and indirectly.
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