Personal Info:
Real Name: Miles Morales
Also Known As: Client U
Place Of Birth: Earth-1610
First Appearance: Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol.1 #10 (2019) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Green Goblin Earth-1610, Kingpin
Group Affiliation: Formerly Rigoletto Crime Family, Maggia
Base Of Operations: Brooklyn, New York City, New York
Grudges: Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Creators: Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli
Size Alteration: Ultimatum's suit allows him to grow to gigantic height by means of the subatomic particles known as Pym Particles.
Gauntlet: Ultimatum's gauntlet can unleash a sonic pulse to disorient a target. It is fired when the hand is clenched into a fist. The gauntlet can also release a blinding flash of light to disorient a target. It is fired when the hand is splayed open.
Shield: Ultimatum carries a shield, a concave disk 2.5 feet in diameter, 3 inches thick, weighing 12 pounds. The shield is made of a unique Wakandan vibranium and Proto-Adamantium alloy that has never been duplicated. The shield has great aerodynamic properties: it is able to slice through the air with minimal wind resistance and deflection of path. Its great overall resilience, combined with its natural concentric stiffness, enables it to rebound from objects with minimal loss of angular momentum. It is, pretty much, virtually indestructible: it is resistant to penetration, temperature extremes, and the entire electromagnetic spectrum of radiation. The only way it can be damaged in any way is by tampering with its molecular bonding.
Miles Morales was a member of the Rigoletto Crime Family who ended up with a three-year sentence in Ryker's Island taking the fall for his cousin. Since in doing so he did a huge favour for the Rigoletto family, Don Rigoletto orchestrated Miles' early release. In the meantime, he had his enforcer Wilson Fisk end up in Rykerís in order to keep an eye on Morales until his release. A fellow inmate nicknamed Small Hands paid Morales a couple of thousand dollars to kill Fisk since they were cellmates, but Miles decided instead inform Fisk of the plot. This marked the beginning of Fisk's friendship with Miles. Not long afterward, Small Hands tried to kill Fisk by himself. Miles saved Wilson's life and killed his attacker, but his face was scarred in the process. Fisk promised that he would be forever in Miles' debt since then.
Miles worked for Fisk following their time in prison, aiding him during Wilson's violent rise to crime boss in New York. Subsequent to this, after Miles fell in love with a woman named Barbara Sanchez, Fisk arranged to have all traces of Miles' existence erased from searchable records in order help Miles leave his criminal life behind him. Years later, after Barbara died, Fisk informed a grief-stricken Miles that he had knowledge of a parallel universe in which Barbara might still be alive. Miles hired the Taskmaster, who confirmed that the Ultimate Universe still existed and that its version of Barbara was still alive. The adult Miles journeyed to the Ultimate Universe to reunite with his lost love, essentially switching places with his younger counterpart.
Miles eventually took on the criminal identity of Ultimatum, and having acquired a costume equipped with the size-shifting technology of Giant-Man, returns to Earth-616 universe with the Ultimate Universe's Green Goblin as his henchman. He established a crime partnership with Fisk, and floods the area with a drug derived from Green Goblin's blood that mutates people into monstrous slaves called Goblinoids. He kidnapped the teenaged Miles and Aaron Davis, and revealed to them the existence of the multiverse. He planned to return Miles and his family to the Ultimate Universe with an inter-dimensional portal generator, after which he would be free to take over Brooklyn without interference.
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