Personal Info:
Real Name: Dr. Conrad Marcus
Also Known As: Angel of Death
Place Of Birth: Earth-1610
First Appearance: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol.1 16.1 (2012) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: Formerly Roxxon Corporation, Oscorp
Base Of Operations: Earth-1610
Grudges: Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Creators: Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli
Enhanced Abilities: Venomís strength, endurance, reflexes and durability are all enhanced by the alien symbiote.
Invulnerability: Venom has degree of invulnerability to physical and energy attacks.
Wall-Crawling: Venom can adhere to vertical and upside down surfaces.
Webbing: Venom can fire parts of the symbiote like webbing from his wrists. Venom uses the webbing to make swing lines, ensnare opponents and fashion shields.
Healing Factor: Venom is capable of healing injuries at a faster rate than normal human healing allows.
Immunity - Spider Sense: Venom is completely immune to Spider-Manís danger sense. He never triggers the sense when he fights Spider-Man.
Blending: The symbiote can change itís appearance to mimic any other garment.
Teeth: Venom has a set of teeth which he can use as an offensive weapon.
Dr. Conrad Marcus was a biochemist who, under the employment of Oscorp, injected the Oz formula into a spider which would bite Miles Morales. He left Oscorp to work at the Roxxon Corporation, before becoming a host to the Venom symbiote.
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