Personal Info:
Real Name: Meryet Karim
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Egypt
First Appearance: New Warriors Vol.1 #4 (1990) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Sphinx I
Group Affiliation: Hathor International
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: New Warriors
Creators: Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley
The Sphinx's powers stem from her exposure to the mystic energies of the Ka Stone.
Invulnerability: The Sphinx is highly resistant to physical and energy attacks.
Reality Manipulation: The Sphinx is able to alter the fabric of reality around her.
Energy Absorption: The Sphinx can channel and absorb energy to enhance his strength, intelligence and endurance. She can also use the energy to grow.
Teleportation: The Sphinx is able to teleport.
Energy Beams: The Sphinx can project beams of heat, light or force from her eyes.
Telepathy: The Sphinx is able to read minds and project her thoughts.
Reincarnation: Any time she dies, the Sphinx is reincarnated into the youthful body of another person.
Thousands of years ago, Anath Na Mut an Egyptian magician in the service of Pharaoh Ramses II lost a battle against Moses and was punished by being exiled from Egypt. Living as a nomad in the desert, he stumbled upon the ancient temple of Ka, where he discovered a mystical gem, the legendary Ka Stone. Placing it on his forehead, he was transformed into the immortal being who would become known as the Sphinx. Dazed by the powerful energies surging through his body, the magician collapsed. He was found and nursed back to health by a lonely outcast woman.
This woman, whose name is not recorded, fell in love with Sphinx, but he could not return her love and walked out of her life. For the rest of her days, she sought and dreamed of him. She finally died, lonely and bitter-only to reawaken in the body of an Egyptian boy from a wealthy family.
Her next life was an improvement: as an upper-class Egyptian male she became an architect and scholar, and in her researches, she located the lost temple of Ka. She deciphered the cryptic parchments found in the temple, and uncovered many of the Ka Stone's secrets. Finally she died, but was reborn again, once more a woman, this time of noble birth. In her third life, she would marry the Pharaoh. Her wisdom and memories intact, she deduced that she had the power of perpetual reincarnation due to having absorbed some of the Ka Stone's energies when she tended the Sphinx. Seeking to increase her link with the stone, she arranged for her body to be entombed with the Scepter of Ka, an artifact from the temple which would attune her with the energies of the stone still worn by the Sphinx.
Realizing that she was also immortal, she began a grand scheme to reunite herself with her loved one. Over the centuries, she plotted, living scores of lives and accumulating many fortunes. Finally, in the latter half of the twentieth century, she was reborn in the body of another Egyptian woman, just as the Sphinx showed himself again. She made plans for their reunion, but before she could meet the Sphinx once more, her dreams were shattered. Her loved one, tiring of immortality, had come into conflict with Nova, then with Galactus himself, and been destroyed.
But she was not defeated. Using her personal fortune, she built up a sizable organization of devoted followers. She and her underlings then journeyed to her eons-old tomb in the Temple of Ka. Wielding both modern technology and the ancient power of the Ka Scepter, she used its jewel to gather the Ka-stone energies that had been scattered through the Earth's atmosphere with the defeat of the Sphinx. She succeeded in imbuing herself with the power of the Sphinx.
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