Left Hand
Left Hand
Personal Info:
Real Name: Diego Casseas
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: New Warriors Vol.1 #16 (1991) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Night Thrasher, Midnight's Fire, Silk Fever, Bloodstrike, Smiling Tiger
Group Affiliation: Folding Circle, Formerly US Army (Half-Fulls)
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: New Warriors
Creators: Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley
Left Hand has studied sorcery and is able to manipulate Darkforce.
Teleportation: Left Hand can teleport himself and others through the Darkforce dimension.
Darkforce Blasts: Left Hand can project blasts of Darkforce from his left hand.
The origin of Left Hand begins with the Vietnam War. Diego Casseas served with a military unit known as the “Half-Fulls”, and along with the rest of his unit, stumbled upon an ancient Asian Cult of the Dragon’s Breadth, who were guardians of the Well of All Things; an inter-dimensional Well that was bursting with an array of untapped mystical energy. The Cult of the Dragon’s Breadth had been breeding children who would eventually be capable of accessing the Well’s energies better than any other ever had.
Tai, who would be directly responsible for the creation of the New Warriors, was one of the adults who knew that she would be giving birth to the ones that would bear the children of ‘The Pact.’ She had given birth to her daughter, Miyami; and the other mothers followed suit. Tai, however, killed all that would oppose her, except for the children who would bear the offspring of ‘The Pact’ thus leaving Tai as the sole beneficiary of the Well’s powers when the time was right.
Tai arranged for Diego Casseas to marry and mate with one of the women. Six months later, she had come to live with him in the United States. They lived happily together, his wife giving birth to a daughter. However, tragedy would strike several years later, when an elevator with his wife in daughter in it slipped from its cables and fell several floors down to the bottom, instantly killing his wife and leaving his daughter in a coma.
Diego Casseas became obsessed with arcane magic, believing he could find a way to manipulate magic and bring his wife back to life and awaken his daughter from her coma. For ten long years, Diego Casseas studied and practiced magic, travelling all over the world, to gain whatever knowledge he could about the arcane arts. In that time, he discovered a way to wrestle away the Darkforce abilities that his daughter had been born with for himself, extracting her powers and bringing them into himself, so that his left hand glowed with the Darkforce. Using those powers, he recruited the Folding Circle, which was made up of the children from his army unit, the children of the Pact, Midnight’s Fire, Smiling Tiger, Bloodstrike, and Silk Fever. He intended to lead them into gaining mastery over the Well.
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