Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Lord Mandragon
Place Of Birth: Earth-TRN217
First Appearance: Daredevils Vol.1 #6 (1983) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: Ruler of the Dimensional Development Court
Base Of Operations: Dimensional Development Court, Earth-TRN217
Grudges: Captain Britain
Creators: Alan Davis and Alan Moore
Lord Mandragon has access to extremely advanced technology, including equipment that can destroy entire universes at the flick of a switch.
Lord Mandragon became the Omniversal Majestror when he supplanted Saturnyne and put her on trial at the Supreme Omniversal Tribune, for her actions regarding Earth-238 and the whole Jim Jaspers affair. Mandragon further denied Saturnyne her Avant Guard agents as witnesses and only allowed her one, a man he thought hated her as much as he did, Captain Britain of Earth-616.
So he allowed Saturnyne's agents, the Special Executive to travel to Braddock Manor to abduct Captain Britain in his sleep to be brought to the court as her one and only witness. Mandragon opened the court proceedings by ordering the obliteration of the entire reality of Earth-238, which was objected by the Defense Council, who knew that reality was the only source of evidence to prove Saturnyne's innocence. Captain Britain also objected to the loss of the infinite number of lives of people that lived in that reality. However, that reality was destroyed by a touch of Mandragon's hand on his console.
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