Personal Info:
Real Name: Shiklah
Also Known As: Queen of the Undead, Queen of the Underworld
Place Of Birth: Arabian Peninsula
First Appearance: Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol.1 #3 (2014) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Dracula, Deadpool
Group Affiliation: Legion of Monsters
Base Of Operations: Monster Metropolis, Morlock Tunnels, Manhattan, New York City
Grudges: Deadpool
Creators: Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Reilly Brown
Succubus Physiology: As a succubus, Shiklah has a great deal of power at her disposal, and with this power usually comes boosted strength, durability, regeneration, speed, supernatural level of beauty and some magical abilities, especially dealing with illusions and mental manipulation. Physical changes include fangs, claws, pointed tail and wings. Though with her being the Queen of the succubus' she might possess even greater potential for those abilities.
Enhanced Abilities: Shiklah has superhuman strength, agility, speed, endurance and durability.
Shape-Shifting: While traveling with Deadpool, she is attacked by Blade and as such, transforms into her 'true' form, a large demonic looking reptile with purple skin, four horns and a maw full of razor sharp teeth. Changing between forms is uncomfortable for her, and she deems her humanoid form as her weakest.
Immortality: Shiklah is extremely long-lived and can absorb the life-force of people to rejuvenate easily.
Enslavement Beam: During the fight with Blade, Deadpool managed to blow up a compartment of the train, only to have his head cleaved by Blade. Before the slice could be finished however he was blasted by a purple beam of energy, and fell under the thrall of Shiklah.
Hellfire Manipulation: Shiklah possesses the ability to generate, control, and project hellfire, also known as soulfire, at will. Hellfire is an emphyreal and supernatural flame that burns both physical and ethereal beings. She can shoot soulfire from her hands, which can cause physical harm, completely disintegrate a body, or disrupt lesser spirits. Her soulfire`s power increases with the amount of souls she consumes. Shiklah can imbue objects in soulfire to make them more effective.
Life-Force Absorption: Being a succubus, Shiklah can absorb the life forces of those around her, whether through a kiss or through sexual intercourse. When she first awakens from her slumber, she kissed Deadpool, the power behind it making him fall unconscious for a moment. It didn't kill him because of his healing factor, but for normal mortals it would have been deadly.
Hypnosis and Mind Control: She can mesmerize others with her voice or soulfire blasts and even fully control those in a weak mental state.
Telepathic Connection: Shiklah has a telepathic connection with her pet, Bug, allowing her to read his mind and command him.
Supernatural Beauty: Her succubus physiology grants Shiklah with an unparalleled level of beauty, her human form drawing attention from even a woman as she passed by on the streets.
Resurrection: After Deadpool killed Peter Parker, he had Shiklah revive him from the dead only for Deadpool to shoot him in the head again. Although she can perfectly bring someone back to life, she cannot do so indefinitely as it drains a lot of her power and weakens her.
Soulfire Sickles: Shiklah sometimes uses sickles imbued with soulfire to more easily rend flesh.
Before Humans came to be, Shiklah and her family ruled over the monster world. Vampires sought to overthrow them by starting a war that lasted for centuries, which also saw the coming of man. After their family was overwhelmed and their kingdom had fallen, Shiklah's father was distraught over the seeming deaths of his sons, Amjad and Baqir, so he decided to seal her away in a sarcophagus until the war ran its course, or until she was to be wed.
Deadpool was hired by Dracula to bring Shiklah to him so he could marry her, in order to take over her old lands, unite the monster world under his rule, and end a long feud. After traveling to the Arabian Peninsula, Deadpool made a timely rescue of Shiklah's sarcophagus before a faction of teleporting monsters managed to destroy it Deadpool then brought the coffin to Greece and got into a fight with the Minotaur, where the coffin shattered and Shiklah was awakened along with her pet dragon, Bug.
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