Brothers Grimm
Brothers Grimm
Personal Info:
Real Name: Percy and Barton Grimes
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Fresno, California
First Appearance: Iron Man Vol.1 188
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Hood's Crime Syndicate, Night Shift
Base Of Operations: Southern California
Grudges: West Coast Avengers
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Battlesuits: For reasons not fully revealed, the costumes of the Brothers Grimm possess the magical properties of prestidigitation and conjuration as the original Brothers Grimm. The articles they produce are all nursery rhyme and fairy tail related. Some examples of these conjurations include: ensnaring golden threads, flying stars with trapeze attached, exploding pies (producing large quantities of attacking crows,) corrosive eggs, paralysing stardust, and exploding jumping beans. The Brothers Grimm can also float on a cloud of mist.
The brothers Percy and Barton Grimes acquired the theatre where Nathan Dolly (the original Brothers Grimm) met his demise. Discovering the manikins of the Brothers Grimm, the brothers felt compelled to try on the costumes. In doing so, they discovered they possessed the same powers as the original Brothers Grimm. They used these powers to take revenge on a business rival, and were opposed by Jim Rhodes as the second Iron Man.