Baron Strucker
Baron Strucker
Personal Info:
Real Name: Wolfgang Von Strucker
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Strucker castle, Bavaria, Germany
First Appearance: Nick Fury & The Howling Commandos 5
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Leader of Hydra
Base Of Operations: Worldwide
Grudges: Nick Fury
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
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Baron Strucker is a fully trained HYDRA agent and has access to the full range of weapons and equipment used by HYDRA. He also takes special serums, which maintain his vitality and strength as he ages.
Satan Claw: Baron Strucker wears a metal gauntlet developed by HYDRA scientists that magnifies his strength and emits an electric shock.
Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was born in Strucker Castle in Bavaria, Germany, the last known member of a long line of Prussian noblemen, all of whom had distinguished themselves as military leaders. Strucker was recruited in the 1930's by the Nazi government's intelligence service and sent on various secret missions. When Germany went to war, Strucker was transferred to full time service where he met with repeated successes as a military leader, and rose to become wing commander of Germany's special Death's-Head Squadron.
After the war Strucker joined a secret society in Japan bent on world conquest, later known as HYDRA. Strukcer rapidly rose to power and assumed leadership of HYDRA, calling himself the Supreme Hydra. Under his leadership, HYDRA also formed a scientific branch that in later years would become AIM.