Personal Info:
Real Name: Unrevealed
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Bronx, New York
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.1 195
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Leader of own academy of "wannabe super criminals", Former member Of The Frightful Four II
Base Of Operations: USA
Grudges: Avengers
Creators: David Michelinie and George Pťrez
Gallery: Click
Photographic Reflexes: Taskmaster can duplicate any physical talent or physical power stunt he sees performed. He cannot duplicate powers like flight etc. but can duplicate athletic abilities. He has to study the talent for one hour before he can duplicate it.
Prediction: In combat, Taskmaster can predict the actions of a studied foe. This gives him a kind of combat sense.
Weapons: Taskmasterís weapons include: a shield, a billy club, a sword, a longbow and 24 special arrows, and a .45 calibre pistol. He wears an ammunition belt and carries various types of grenades.
Resistance to Gas and Smoke: Taskmasterís mask is fitted with filters and lenses to protect him from gases.
Protected Senses: Taskmasterís mask protects his sight and hearing from the effects of grenades.
The man who would become the Taskmaster first demonstrated unusual abilities during childhood. After watching a cowboy show on television, he found himself able to duplicate the sophisticated rope tricks he had watched the cowboy perform. Psychiatrists, called in by his mother, termed the boy's rare ability "photographic reflexes." He employed his talent several times during his youth for personal gain, most notably when he became a star quarterback of his high school football game. Upon graduation, he briefly considered a career as a crime fighter, but opted for becoming a criminal, which he perceived to be more lucrative.
Taskmaster then began a program of observing the fighting techniques of a large number of superhumanly powered adventurers through archival television news broadcasts. He initially used his fighting skills to execute several successful grand larcenies, but he had not properly anticipated the dangers involved. He decided to use his stolen capital to establish a centre for training aspiring criminals to become polished professionals. His goal was to become a major supplier for criminal organizations around the world. Designing a costume, he took the name Taskmaster.