Personal Info:
Real Name: Inaplicable
Also Known As: Jason Macendale Jr
Place Of Birth: Inaplicable
First Appearance: Web Of Spider-Man Vol.1 #86 1992) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Carnage, Shriek, Spider-Doppleganger
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Carnage Family
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Hobgoblin and Spider-Man
Creators: Howard Mackie and Alex Saviuk
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Enhanced Abilities: The Demogoblin is a demon and has enhanced strength, agility, durability and endurance.
Magic Manipulation: The Demogoblin's body is filled with unique mystical energies that he uses to create equipment similar to that used by the Green . This equipment typically consists of a goblin glider composed of Hellfire and Brimstone that he uses to fly. He can also generate mystical weapons similar to those of the Green Goblin, such as razor bats and pumpkin bombs which can emotionally paralyze his victims. He can also use his magical powers in more typical ways in combat situations such as firing beams of intense heat from his hands, though he prefers to use his goblin weaponry.
Claws and Fangs: The Demoboglin's fingers are tipped with extremely sharp claws and his mouth is filled with rows of needle-like, razor sharp teeth.
Jason Philip Macendale Jr. was a mercenary and criminal before assuming the identity of the Jack O' Lantern. Macendale continued to seek power both physically and relationally. After a falling-out with the criminal Hobgoblin, Macendale organized his assassination and assumed that identity. As the Hobgoblin, Macendale battled the hero Spider-Man on numerous occasions, as well as his enemy, the Green Goblin.
Some time later, during a time when New York was being invaded by demons, the power-hungry Macendale followed a group of demons back to their lair. There he found the arch-demon N'astirh to whom Macendale offered his immortal soul in exchange for supernatural powers. N'astirh laughingly refused, but went along and merged a mentally unstable demon to Macendale's being, transforming him into a religiously fanatical demonic entity.
After some time of coexistence in the same body with Macendale, the demon who possessed him proved to be incompatible and yearned for complete domination of the body he was in. The two fought many painful battles for control, and Macendale started to go insane before he finally ridded himself of the demon inside. Ultimately, the demon literally ripped away from its human host and began a separate existence as the Demogoblin.
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