Personal Info:
Real Name: Jason Phillips Macendale, Jr.
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 289
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Sinister Six II and III , Sinister Seven, former partner of Carrion , former employee of the Kingpin
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Spider-Man and the Demogoblin
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As the Hobgoblin Macendaleís powers have changed over the years. When possessed by a demon he could create weapons from hellfire and brimstone. Even later he was enhanced with cybernetic implants.
Enhanced Abilities: The Hobgoblinís strength, agility and endurance are all enhanced first due to demonic possession and then later by Kravenís strength serum and cybernetic implants.
Goblin Glider: The Hobgoblin employs a turbo-fan powered flying sled.
Glove Blasters: The Hobgoblin wears gloves that discharge pulses of high-frequency electricity.
Pumpkin Bombs: The Hobgoblin uses explosive devices shaped like pumpkins that caused damage to anything within 20 feet.
Smoke Bombs: The Hobgoblin employs smoke bombs that he used to obscure areas.
Incendiary Bombs: The Hobgoblin uses Incendiary devices that release a volatile substance that induces fires.
Throwing Bats: The Hobgoblin has bat shaped, razor sharp blades that he can throw.
Jason Philip Macendale Jr. was a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but was recruited by the CIA before he graduated. His career as an operative for the CIA was cut short when he was expelled because of his extreme methods. He enlisted in the Marines and became a fighter pilot. Upon discharge from the Marines, Macendale began active service as a field agent in the Asian theatre. However, his methods and tactics soon provided to brutal and extreme for his superiors to tolerate. Seeking employment elsewhere, Macendale embarked on a career as an international mercenary. Eventually evolving his craft to a precise science, he adopted the distinctive costume of Jack O'Lantern to help promote his accomplishments to prospective employers.
He later joined the Arranger, the right-hand man to the crime boss Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. the Kingpin), to serve as the Kingpin's number one enforcer. The Arranger soon became involved with Richard Fisk, (a.k.a. the Rose) in some of his early attempts to destroy the Kingpin. During that time, Macendale and another one of the Rose's enforcers, Ned Leeds (a.k.a. the second Hobgoblin), were forced to work together. The two villains had a major falling out when Macendale refused to help the Hobgoblin destroy Spider-Man. The Hobgoblin tried to unsuccessfully kill Macendale, and later, Macendale hired the assassin known as the Foreigner to kill the Hobgoblin. The Foreigner returned successful and gave Macendale the Hobgoblin equipment and costume. Macendale adopted the Hobgoblin identity.