Personal Info:
Real Name: Unrevealed
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: An unidentified "alien" planet
First Appearance: West Coast Avengers Vol.2 10
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former ally of Graviton, Quantum and Zzzax
Base Of Operations: Universe-wide
Grudges: West Coast Avengers
Creators: Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom
Gallery: Click
Aging: By touch, Halflife can age any organic being or material half way through its normal life span, for each touch Halflife further halves the length of life remaining in the victim. But if Halflife loses consciousness her victim will immediately revert to his or her normal age. Halflife cannot affect inorganic materials or beings, including energy beings or artificial constructs.
Little is known of the history of the woman called "Halflife," or how she obtained her bizarre powers. It is known that she is an alien from a previously unencountered race of beings. It is unlikely that her power is natural, as she has claimed that she used it to kill every other being on her native planet.
Halflife was eventually contacted by the villain Graviton, who sought to bring together a group of allies based on the "fundamental forces" of the universe. Halflife exemplified the "weak force," the attraction between matter and anti-matter. She somehow came to Earth where she entered into an alliance with Graviton, Zzzax, and the alien known as Quantum.