Mole Man
Mole Man
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unrevealed
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former ally of Red Ghost, Grotesk, Tyrannus
Base Of Operations: Subterranea
Grudges: Fantastic Four
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Senses: Mole Man has hypersensitive hearing and touch. He can hear at great distances and identify substances and items by touch. Mole Manís eyes are also abnormally sensitive to light and wears a visor to protect his eyes.
Radar Sense: Mole Man has a radar sense that allows him to see in total darkness.
Costume: The Mole Manís costume provides him with some protection from heat, fire and lava.
Staves: The Mole Man's six-foot long staves are usually outfitted with futuristic technology, and may produce such effects as electrical discharge, flame thrower, blinding bursts of light, or vibratory shockwaves.
Very little is known about the origin of the Mole Man. According to the Mole Man himself, his bizarre physical appearance had caused him to be shunned and ridiculed since childhood. Believing that total loneliness would be better than the cruelty shown to him by other people, the Mole Man decided to exile himself from humanity. He began searching for the legendary land at the centre of the Earth. His attempts to this end where met with ridicule by the Explorers' Club, where he tried to find funding and expeditions.
Finally, he followed a group of so-called "monster hunters," which included the heroes later known as Dr. Druid and Bloodstone. The monster hunters stumbled across a plot by the warlord Kro, leader of the Deviants, a genetic offshoot of humanity. Kro attempted to flood the earth with monstrous Deviants, but was thwarted by the actions of the monster hunters. The man who would become Mole Man found himself abandoned on the island that was to be the launching point of this monstrous attack. He named it Monster Isle and discovered a cavern leading deep underground. His enthusiastic shouts triggered an avalanche, which he survived, but at the cost of most of his eyesight.
Nevertheless, the Mole Man made himself ruler of a wide empire in the underground realm he called Subterranea. In this underground world he discovered a race of semihumanoid creatures called Subterraneans. The Mole Man controls the race known as the Moloids, which are distinguished from other Subterranean races by their pale yellow skin colour. The Mole Man also found and mastered the abandoned Deviant technological devices. Furthermore, the Mole Man discovered and learned to control the non-humanoid Deviant monsters. The Mole Man also developed a natural "radar sense" that enabled him to sense things in the subterranean darkness.
The Mole Man first intended to take his revenge on the surface world's population by destroying Earth's power plants and unleashing his monsters. He was thwarted by the hero team Fantastic Four in their first mission after gaining their superhuman powers.