Professor Power
Professor Power
Personal Info:
Real Name: Anthony Power
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Norfolk, Virginia
First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up Vol.1 117
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former leader of own unnamed army of right-wing extremists, Secret Empire III
Base Of Operations: Nationwide
Grudges: Captain America, Defenders and Spider-Man
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Professor Power originally possessed no superhuman powers, but later, he had created a hi-tech exoskeleton of powered armour for his son, and finally used a machine to transfer his consciousness into his son's body.
Body Armour: Professor Power wears a suit of armour that protects him from physical and energy attacks.
Enhanced Abilities: Professor Power has enhanced strength, endurance and agility.
Flight: Professor Power can fly at speeds of 150 mph.
Plasma Generation: Professor Power can fire bolts of plasma.
Mind Transferral: In his final form Anthony Power possessed Matthew Power’s crippled brain.
Professor Anthony Power, noted historian and authority on foreign affairs, was a high-ranking White House advisor under four Presidents. Power was completely dedicated to the American political system and to the principles of democracy under that system.
Losing faith in the American system due to the Vietnam War-related illness of his son, Professor Power soon became convinced that American universities were instilling apathy and cowardice in their students, and that the United States' leaders were so terrified of worldwide nuclear war that they were deliberately dragging America down in what he believed to be meaningless conflicts like the Vietnam war. Taking as his models Alexander the Great and the Roman emperors, who dominated virtually the entire Western civilized world of their times, Professor Power decided that worldwide peace could be achieved only if one mind, one power, controlled the entire Earth. Power believed that America must move against what he saw as the enemies of democracy to annihilate all threats to freedom.
Determined to be the one mind that dominated the entire world, Professor Power dedicated himself to this challenge.