Personal Info:
Real Name: Kyle Richmond
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Mamaroneck, NY
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.1 69
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Squadron Sinister I and II
Base Of Operations: Worldwide
Grudges: None
Enhanced Abilities: Nighthawk drank a mystic potion that conferred on him enhanced Strength, Agility Durability and Endurance.
Jet-Wings: Nighthawk’s wings allow him to fly and glide. He can attain speeds of nearly 120 mph.
Claws: Nighthawk has a set of claws that he can inflict edged damage with.
Kyle Richmond was the son of Arthur end Penelope Richmond, a wealthy industrialist and his wife. Upon his mothers' death when he was still a child, Richmond was sent to a private school to be raised. His father was too busy with his business to take charge of him. By his teens, Richmond was known as a spoiled, irresponsible troublemaker. Despite his poor academic record he was accepted into a private college, Grayburn University, entirely due to his father's generous endowment to the school. Kyle Richmond still largely ignored his studies, and most of his time with his girlfriend, Mindy Williams. One night, while driving his car under the influence of alcohol, Richmond lost control and drove off the road. The accident left Mindy almost dead but he walked away unscathed. Richmond was expelled from college.
Shaken by the tragic consequences of his irresponsibility, Richmond was glad when he was drafted into the army, and hoped that he would die in action. However, during his physical examination, a heart murmur was detected and he was rejected from service. On the same day, his father died in an airplane crash and Kyle found himself in charge of Richrnond Enterprises. Wisely believing himself to be incapable of handling the business, Richmond turned over the management of the firm to the company chairman of the board. J.C. Pennyworth. He then divided his time between the life of leisure of the idle rich and a search for a chemical cure for his heart ailment. Richmond soon discovered a mysterious book which contained alchemical formulae, among which, was a formula to increase physical strength. Concocting the formula in a makeshift laboratory in his mansion, Richmond drank it, and learned that it did confer upon him heightened strength, but only at night. Richmond was then contacted by the Grandmaster, the cosmic gamesman, who had arranged for him to find the book. The Grandmaster wished to use superhuman pawns against his opponent, the time-travelling villain Kang. Hence, the Grandmaster made Richmond and two other human beings into counterparts of members of the Squadron Supreme, a team of homes of an alternate Earth. The Grandmaster also transformed nonliving matter into a duplicate of Squadron Supreme member Hyperion. Richmond took the name of Nighthawk and the costumed identity of the Kyle Richmond of this alternate Earth. The Grandmaster's new team was known as the Squadron Sinister.