Jerome Jaxon
Jerome Jaxon
Personal Info:
Real Name: Jerome "Jerry" Jaxon
Also Known As: Jerry Jaxon, Box
Place Of Birth: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
First Appearance: Alpha Flight Vol.1 #2 (1983) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Delphine Courtney, Diamond Lil, Flashback, Smart Alec, Wild Child
Group Affiliation: Former employee of Am-Can Oil Corporation, Roxxon and founder of Omega Flight
Base Of Operations: Roxxon Oil, New York City
Grudges: Guardian
Creators: John Byrne
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Jerry Jaxon has no superhuman powers himself. When he battled Alpha Flight he did so in the stolen Box robot. Jaxon also lead the super team Omega Flight.
Jerome "Jerry" Jaxon was once in charge of research and development at a Canadian division of the Am-Can Petroleum Company, the same company that James MacDonald Hudson (later, the Canadian hero known as the first Guardian) developed a special super powered exoskeleton. Jaxon, who worked over Hudson, disapproved of Jaxon's plans for the suit, Hudson stole the prototype helmet and blueprints. Jaxon was held responsible and was fired, even blacklisted. At the same time, Jaxon's wife left him, and by the end of the year he was destitute. Jaxon attempted to hang himself, but only inflicted brain damage, confining himself to a wheelchair.
Jaxon recognized Hudson when Guardian first appeared, and ultimately contacted Roxxon Oil Company to share his information, with plans of revenge against Hudson. Roxxon hired Jaxon to procure the Guardian battlesuit by any means necessary, which included use of their robot, Delphine Courtney. Working together, Jaxon and Courtney formed Omega Flight.
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