Personal Info:
Real Name: Ghaur
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: "City of Toads", Deviant, Lemuria
First Appearance: Eternals Vol.2 2
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Deviants
Base Of Operations: Worldwide
Grudges: Avengers, Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner
Gallery: Click
Mind Control: Ghaur has mind control powers which he can only use on Deviants whose genetic codes are known to him. Ghaur can also alter the malleable genetic structure of deviants to confer powers upon them or induce a lethal mutation to kill them.
Celestial Powers: At one point Ghaur possessed the powers of the Dreaming Celestial. Ghaur gained phenomenal cosmic powers and great stature and strength.
Nothing has yet been revealed about the ancient past of Lord Ghaur, head of the priesthood for the genetic offshoot of humanity known as the Deviants. For millennia, the Deviant priesthood remained seemingly content with its traditional functions, weeding out those Deviants who would be born with the most extreme and grotesque genetic differences. Through such measure, the priests hoped to keep variation with the Deviant race's genetic makeup within certain limits. Beyond that, however, Ghaur clearly intended to be the true power behind the Deviant throne.