Personal Info:
Real Name: Romulus Augustilus
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Rome
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk Vol.1 5
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former ally of Prince Rey, Keeper Of The Flame,ex.emperor of the Tyrannoid subterraneans
Base Of Operations: Subterranea
Grudges: Hulk
Gallery: Click
Tyrannus has no superhuman abilities of his own, however he has access to a vast array of Deviant technology such as robotís, vehicles and doomsday weapons. Tyrannus at one point had access to the Sacred Flame of El Dorado, which allowed him to create force fields and brain mines. Tyrannus also once possessed the body of the Abomination.
Fountain Of Youth: Tyrannus has access to a Fountain of Youth that keeps him young.
Romulus Augustlus, last Roman emperor, was deposed in 476 AD. Tyrannus feels he was born to rule. He composed a giant army to defeat King Arthur and conquer England. When Tyrannus was defeated Merlin banished him to the world of Subterranea. There Tyrannus found a colony of Subterraneans. Though some had lost the ability to speak through breeding Tyrannus still felt that although they were not regular people they were still people to be lead.