Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil
Personal Info:
Real Name: Lilian Crawley
Also Known As: 'Creepy' Crawley, Lillian Crawley Jeffries
Place Of Birth: Yellowknife, Canada
First Appearance: Alpha Flight Vol.1 #1 (1983) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Delphine Courtney, Flashback, Jerome Jaxon (Box), Smart Alec, Wild Child, Maddison Jefferies
Group Affiliation: Formerly Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight, Omega Flight
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: None
Creators: John Byrne
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Diamond Lil is an excellent hand to hand combatant. Her natural durability also enables her to use nearly any part of her body as a weapon. Even a string of her hair can be used like a whip or a garrote.
Diamond Skin: Diamond Lilís body generates a bio-aura of nigh-impenetrable energy that permeates her molecular structure to grant her skin durability akin to that of diamond. Though able to deflect most forms of physical or energy-based impacts, Lil still feels the force of such blows. Similarly, Lilís bio-aura also affords her protection against temperature extremes. Her nails and hair are similarly permeated, even after being removed from her body.
The full origin and history of the mutant Lillian Crawley remains unrevealed. At some point, the Canadian citizen was contacted by James MacDonald Hudson, who was recruiting those with superhuman powers to train under the government's supervision. Crawley agreed, and joined Department H's Gamma Flight, the third tier of super humans who would train under the idea that they may eventually graduate to the Canadian government's premiere team, Alpha Flight.
During her time with Gamma Flight, Crawley met and courted fellow team-mate Madison Jeffries. Unfortunately, Department H and its Flights were disbanded before Crawley could advance, although Alpha Flight soon resumed operating in an unofficial status.
Crawley was working as a waitress when she was contacted by Delphine Courtney, a robot under the employ of Jerry Jaxon, an enemy of Hudson plotting revenge for a perceived slight. Jaxon used Crawley and other Gamma Flight members to form the first Omega Flight, and ordered them to attack Alpha Flight.
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