Delphine Courtney
Delphine Courtney
Personal Info:
Real Name: MX39147
Also Known As: Guardian, James McDonald Hudson
Place Of Birth: The Brand Corporation, New York City
First Appearance: Alpha Flight Vol.1 #7 (1984) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Diamond Lil, Flashback, Jerome Jaxon (Box), Smart Alec, Wild Child
Group Affiliation: Omega Flight
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Guardian and Alpha Flight
Creators: John Byrne
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Body Armour: Delphine’s robotic gives her some protection from physical and energy attacks.
Shape-Shifting: Delphine has a limited ability to restructure her own body. She can mimic other but it takes up to 10 weeks to adopt the identity.
Guardian Armour: While disguised as Guardian she wore a suit of armour that duplicated some of his powers. This allowed her to fly, project a force field and fire force blasts
Delphine Courtney was the name given to a robot designed and created by the Roxxon Oil Company. The scientists that designed her gave her "open ended intuition." They also manufactured her after a strikingly beautiful woman. Presumably, Delphine Courtney was used for many Roxxon Oil projects before she was given to Jerry Jaxon.
Jerome "Jerry" Jaxon was a former colleague of James MacDonald Hudson who correctly guessed his identity as the Canadian hero Guardian. Holding Hudson responsible for ruining his career, Jaxon shared this information with Roxxon Oil. Roxxon hired Jaxon to procure the Guardian battlesuit by any means necessary, which included use of their robot, Delphine Courtney. Working together, Jaxon and Courtney formed Omega Flight.
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