White Queen
White Queen
Personal Info:
Real Name: Emma Frost
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men 129
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Generation X, Former member of Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, Hellions
Base Of Operations: Nationwide
Grudges: None
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Telepathy: The White Queen is a telepath and can read minds within 200 miles, project illusions, create stun bolts, project her thoughts, mentally control or influence, generate pain and cause unconsciousness.
Diamond Form: More recently, the White Queen has exhibited a new power, the ability to bodily transform into a diamond-like, semi-transparent form that makes her nearly invulnerable to most forms of injury.
Emma Frost is a leading member of an old Boston mercantile family, which arrived from England in the 1600s. She inherited a good deal of wealth, but most of her large fortune is the result of her successes in business. She rose rapidly through the world of business thanks to her intelligence, drive, personal charm, and her secret use of her psionic abilities. She eventually became the majority stockholder of a multibillion-dollar multinational conglomerate which has been renamed Frost International after herself. Despite her youth, she is now chairperson of the board of Frost International and its chief executive officer. Frost International is principally involved in transportation (both the building and the use of ships and aircraft) and electronics. Emma Frost had also become chairperson of the board of trustees of the Massachusetts Academy, a college preparatory school for grades seven through twelve, located in the Berkshire Mountains in Snow Valley, Massachusetts. Frost served as the Academy's headmistress and spent a great deal of her time there.
Emma Frost's beauty and talents brought her an invitation to join the Hellfire Club, an elite social organization of the world's wealthy and powerful figures. Frost became the ally of Sebastian Shaw, who was a member of the Club's Council of the Chosen, which secretly conspires to achieve world domination through economic and political means.