Personal Info:
Real Name: Morg
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Silver Surfer Vol.3 70
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Herald Of Galactus
Base Of Operations: Universe Wide
Grudges: Silver Surfer, Firelord and Nova
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: Morg has upper level superhuman strength, agility and endurance.
Cosmic Power: Morg can harness and control cosmic energy for a variety of effects including augmentation of his powers to greater superhuman levels, projection of energy blasts concussive, corrosive, heat, or a combination of the three, he can survive in space unprotected without need for food, rest, oxygen or anything else.
Water Of Life: After Morg absorbed the Waters Of Life he could fly at warp speeds, project energy blasts, maintain his incalculable strength, super speed and reflexes, and sustain his life force after apparent death.
Flight: Morg is able to fly at warp speeds.
Axe: Morgís axe was transformed by Galactus into weapon able to focus cosmic energy for a variety of effects such as energy blasts and creation of highly impervious force fields.
Morg became Galactusís herald, when Galactus became dissatisfied with his current herald, Novaís, performance. Nova had too much compassion and mercy for life and spared a planet Galactus could have feasted on. So, Galactus sought after a new herald, who was more ruthless. He found Morg when he came to Morgís planet, to devour it. Morg said he did not care about his fellow citizens, but for his own life. Galactus spared him and made him into his herald, then devoured his planet. Morg then became Galactusís herald.