Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.1 307
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: None
Gallery: Click
Regeneration and Recovery: Madcap cannot be slain he regenerates any damage that his body incurs and he also feels no pain as a result of any injuries.
Emotion Control: Madcap has a specialised form of emotion control. When Madcap makes eye contact with an individual and overpowers their will he can force them to go temporarily insane.
Weapon: Madcap carries a normal bubble gun with no special properties.
The young man who would become Madcap was a devoutly religious person who belonged to a church group of an unspecified denomination. While he was on a church-sponsored field trip with his parents, sister, and about 40 others, the bus he was riding in was struck by a tanker truck containing an unknown chemical compound concocted by the criminal organization Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). This chemical, called Compound X07, apparently contained enzymes that promoted rapid healing in the human body. While everyone else was killed in the crash and subsequent explosion, the man who would become Madcap was thrown clear and lay for several hours unconscious in the rapidly evaporating pool of the chemical. After he gained consciousness in a hospital, his faith in a rational universe was shattered when he learned he was sole survivor of the accident. Fleeing the hospital, he threw himself in the path of an oncoming car in a suicide attempt. To his surprise, he not only was incapable of feeling the pain of being hit by the car, but he also got up from where he was thrown, his injuries having healed in moments.
Rightly suspecting that the bus accident had somehow endowed him with his immunity to pain and injury, he was driven further into madness. He could not understand why he should benefit from an accident that killed 40 people including his friends and family. He finally came to the conclusion that things happen without cause and effect and that there is no purpose in anything. He also soon discovered that he could cause whoever looked him in the eye long enough to act crazily. Lacking anything better to do, he bought a toy soap bubble-making gun from a dime store and stole a harlequin outfit from a costume shop. Calling himself Madcap, he decided to wander New York City and randomly cause people to go crazy in order to demonstrate to them the meaninglessness of existence.