Personal Info:
Real Name: Fritz Von Meyer
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Leipzig, Germany
First Appearance: Champions 14
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Worldwide
Grudges: Spider-Man and the Champions
Gallery: Click
Swarm is a composite being of hundreds of thousands of bees driven by a human intelligence.
Intangible: Swarm is technically intangible, as his body is merely an aggregate of tiny forms.
Flight: Swarm can fly through the air.
Shape Changing: Swarm can assume any shape and size he desires.
Insect Communication and Control: Swarm can mentally influence the actions of other bees, the full range of which may extend over hundreds of yards in radius. At first, Swarm seemed capable of only controlling other bees, but he has exhibited the ability to communicate/control other insects as well.
Fritz von Meyer was once a Nazi scientist, the details of which remain unrevealed, although it is known he had access to looted gold from countless European capitals to fund his research. Von Meyer fled Germany at the end of World War II to settle in South America. A world expert on toxic poisons and apiculture (bee keeping,) he continued his research on breeding patterns of killer bees in comparative peace deep in the jungles.
One day, he found a hive unlike any he had ever seen-- the bees exhibited no fear, an unusual passivity, and a highly developed intelligence. Believing that a nearby meteorite bombardment had somehow mutated the bees with radiation, von Meyer built a device that he hoped would reawaken the bees' killer instincts so that they could serve him. However, von Meyer had erred, so that, while the bees were no longer passive, they were not in his control. They began to swarm over von Meyer, killing him. In the midst of his death throes, his consciousness shredded, dissipating into the swarm of bees. Thus, von Meyer became an aggregate being, a living embodiments of the swarm, with his own scientific mind added to the mutant intelligence of the multitude of bees.