Ronan The Accuser
Ronan The Accuser
Personal Info:
Real Name: Ronan
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Hala
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 65
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Member of the Kree's, former partner of Minister Zarek
Base Of Operations: Universe-wide
Grudges: Captain Marvel and the Fantastic Four
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Enhanced Abilities: Ronan has super human strength and endurance.
Body Armour: Ronan wears a special suit of armour that provides him with additional strength, the ability to turn invisible, and near-invulnerable protection against most known forms of attack.
Cosmi-Rod: Ronan's primary weapon is the Cosmi-rod, which is the most powerful and versatile version of the standard Accusers' weapon. The so-called "Universal Weapon" uses cosmic energy in some as yet unknown manner to create a variety of effects, controlled by its wielders will. Among the many capabilities are disintegration, rearrangement, and/or transmutation of matter, the projection of concussive energy, the absorption of energy, control over gravity, the creation of force field, and "time motion displacement fields," and interstellar teleportation.
Ronan was born into one of the leading families of the alien Kree aristocracy, which purports to trace its ancestry back millions of years to the original Kree tribes of the planet Hala.
Due to his high social rank, Ronan was immediately admitted into the Accusers at junior officer rank upon completing his education. The Accusers are an elite corps of Kree government officials, entirely made up of blue Kree, which has been in existence for millions of years. It is the responsibility of the Accuser class to enforce and administer justice throughout the galaxy-wide Kree Empire. Ordinary Kree police, and all government officials of planets within the Empire and not inhabited by Kree, are responsible to the Accusers. The Accusers prosecute, judge, sentence, and execute all Kree below their aristocratic class who are accused of crimes. (Except in special cases, only Kree high officials or aristocrats receive jury trials.) The Accusers also act as prosecutors, judges, and executioners in cases on Kree-ruled planets, or even planets like Earth on which the Kree have established bases, which involve real or alleged activities judged by the Kree to be against the interests of the Kree Empire. The Accusers strictly adhere to the severe Kree legal code, which permits death, exile, and forms of brainwashing as punishment for numerous offences. In special cases, the Accusers themselves go forth to capture alleged criminals. The Accusers oversee Kree military operations conducted for punitive and imperialistic reasons. Accusers also act as governors and high officials of planets that the Kree place under martial law.
Ronan made a rapid rise through the Accuser corps, winning high commendations for his bravery and skill in capturing many rings of alleged traitors and in helping to put down various rebellions. He held a number of planetary governorships, each time receiving a more important world to rule. Finally, as a result of his great success in leading a fleet of warships against the Skrulls in a major border incident, Ronan was promoted by the Kree Supreme Intelligence to the office of Supreme Public Accuser. In this role, the third most important in the entire Kree Empire (only the Supreme Intelligence and the Imperial Minister rank above him), Ronan is addressed as "Ronan the Accuser," a simple title which inspires great awe throughout the Empire.
As Supreme Public Accuser, Ronan personally went on missions only of the highest importance to the Empire. Such was his mission to Earth given him by the Supreme Intelligence to punish the superhuman Earth beings known as the Fantastic Four for their disabling of a Kree Sentry, a feat that very few could accomplish.