Personal Info:
Real Name: Raoul Bushman
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Burunda
First Appearance: Moon Knight Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former leader of own organisation of mercenaries, terrorists and criminals
Base Of Operations: Burunda
Grudges: Moon Knight
Gallery: Click
Bushman has no superhuman powers however, he is trained in the martial arts and in the use of guns. He is a skilled leader and tactician.
Weapons: Bushman usually carries a two-handed sword and a machine gun.
Little is known of Raoul Bushman's past before he led a team of mercenary soldiers fighting rebel forces in the Sudan, south of the Egyptian border. He had developed a formidable reputation as a mercenary solder known for his ruthless methods. Bushman's second in command at the time was an American mercenary Marc Spector. Spector became appalled at the atrocities Bushman's men committed and resolved to leave his employ as soon as possible.
Bushman attacked a town to steal the archaeological treasures that were just discovered there. The doctor of the expedition tried to stop Bushman, but was stopped by Spector. The doctor was nonetheless slaughtered by Bushman, but Spector helped his daughter, Marlene Alraune, escape. Bushman then beat Spector, leaving him in the desert to die for refusing to help slaughter the villagers. Unknown to Bushman, this led to Spector's becoming the hero Moon Knight.