Llan the Sorcerer
Llan the Sorcerer
Personal Info:
Real Name: Llan
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Alpha Flight Vol.1 71
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Canada
Grudges: Talisman and Alpha Flight
Gallery: Click
Magic: Llan is a master of chaos magic, and seems virtually omnipotent. The full range and extent of his magical powers remains unknown, but he has exhibited such magical effects as: teleporting himself and others, possessing a mortal body, increasing his strength, speed, and other physical attributes to superhuman levels, levitate and fly, fire bolts of mystical energy, and summon and control supernatural creatures from other dimensions. It is not known if the Sorcerer can be permanently destroyed, as he can lay dormant for tens of thousands of years.
Every 10,000 years, a special conjunction of the planets occurs, during which an evil magical creature from another dimension is allowed to enter our dimension by possessing a human body. The creature is known as Llan, the Sorcerer. His main goal is to open the Gateway of Night, letting evil creatures from the beyond also breach dimensions.
In the past, the Sorcerer was thwarted each time of his invasion by the owner of the Talisman, a powerful magical artefact. The last Talisman tricked the Sorcerer into taking an inert form of a statue. Her spells prevented him from changing back until a mortal willingly consumed him. She then buried him deep in the Earth, hoping he would be forgotten.
When the planetary conjunction occurred recently, Dexter Rayne and his wife Carol were taking a second honeymoon in the wilds of Canada. During the camping trip, Dexter stumbled over the statue and took it with him. The Sorcerer communicated to Dexter through dreams, convincing Dexter to open a gateway between dimensions by sacrificing his own wife.