Personal Info:
Real Name: Sebastion Gilberti (Adopted name)
Also Known As: Master Mold, Nimrod, Template, Nicholas Hunter, Arnold Rodriguez
Place Of Birth: The Siege Perilous
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.2 #52 (1996) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Cameron Hodge, Steven Lang, Bolivar Trask, Graydon Creed, Reverend William Stryker
Group Affiliation: Formerly leader of the Human Council, secret leader of the Purifiers, Friends of Humanity, Sapien League, The Right, Mutant Response Division, Operation: Zero Tolerance, Humanity's Last Stand
Base Of Operations: Nationwide
Grudges: The X-Men and Mutants in general
Creators: Mark Waid and Andy Kubert
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Enhanced Abilities: Bastion has super human strength, agility, speed, endurance and durability
Adaptation: Like all sentinels, he can assess the particular mutant abilities of his adversary and then modify his internal and external mechanism to compensate.
Quick Self-Repair: The nanites in his body provides him a self-repair similar to a Healing Factor. After exposure to the blending of T.O. virus, his mechanical regeneration was vastly improved upon by many leagues.
Techno-Organic Wings: His transformation into a Nimrod based sentinel bestowed him with four techno-organic wings which he could use for aviation and defence.
Flight: flight via jet boots and his wingspan.
Technoforming: Bastion can command and control computer systems and Sentinels with his computer brain alone. Even being able to commandeer and re-purpose robotic bodies for himself by supplementing his head onto their chassis. When exposed to the modified strain of Technarchy Virus by the villain Mainspring. Bastion, as Template, gained the ability to transmute inorganic matter into techno-mechanical material with which he had complete and total control over.
Sentinel Creation: Bastion has the natural ability to create cyborg mutant killers called Prime Sentinels using a nanite based conversion process. These powers were magnified many times over with the introduction of the T.O. Virus into his system, now bastion's sentinel tech Robotization enables the creation of Nimrod like Omega Prime Sentinels in those whom he's resurrected within his Council.
Size Alteration: Through his mastery of techno kinetic matter manipulation, Template could easily change and adjust his mass and height to monolithic proportions by converting and absorbing transmoded matter into itself.
Techno Shifting: Bastion's technorganic frame has vast metamorphic capabilities, so much so that he could merge himself into any mechanical, cybernetic or techno mechanical substance he pushed his consciousness through. Changing anything or anyone else around him along with his form at will. Through this he is able to assume his normalized and Nimrod forms at will.
Techno-Kinetic Possession: Through his metamorphic abilities he could cast his will into any and every form of machinery or anything his virulent substance infects.
Infection: Bastion can infect others with his Techno-Organic Virus giving them some of his unique abilities.
Mechanical Construct Creation: Shifting his technomorphic biomass enables bastion to generate new appendages and weaponry with a thought. Such as techno-organic wings for flight and missile pods generated from his shoulders.
Resurrection/Reanimation: Using his mastery of the transmode virus Bastion was able to resurrect his select generals and commanders within his Human Council to aid in the extinction of Mutants.
Hive Senses: He can access the senses of those he infects with his T.O. Strain, interfacing with their minds and thought processes. Everything his infectee sees he see's and through this connection he can feed them necessary information or bestow them with computerized senses in order to utilize and asses strategic advantages.
Energy Manipulation: Bastion had some modicum energy manipulation and casting abilities. A capacity which was only made stronger as he became a Transmode/Celestial Tech enhanced Nimrod series sentinel.
Energy Projection: Able to shoot energy blasts from his hands and has laser vision he can fire from the eyes. During his final battle with hope, he showed he could project energy from his mouth as well.
Energy Shielding: Having been augmented through the Transmode Virus, he could project energy barriers of varying size and resilience. Once having erected a massive shield dome around the city of New York stretching from the bay area all the way to Utopia.
Psychic Immunity: It is also immune to psychic reading from telepaths.
Space/Time Migration: With the resurgence of his Nimrod programming. Bastion could freely traverse the timestream to access the alternate timeline which part of himself hails from. He can also travel to alternate futures, this of coarse was accidental.
Teleportation: Bastion has a natural ability to warp to and from different locations under his own power, even choosing who he takes along with him in the jump.
Time Travel: He has the latent ability to travel to and from the future at will.
Portal Creation: Bastion had the power to open rifts to the alternate timeline where he originates from in order to summon more Nimrod Sentinels.
The man known as Bastion is actually the reincarnation of two separate entities. One is the original, mutant-hunting robot Sentinel known as Master Mold and the other, his extreme from an alternate future, the ultimate Sentinel, Nimrod. A component of Master Mold was activated by contact with Nimrod. Using Nimrod's body and materials from a construction site as his own body, the Master Mold sought out the mutant heroes X-Men. The X-Men defeated the robot by pushing its body through the mystical portal known as the Siege Perilous, with presumably help from Nimrod, who influenced Master Mold into thinking itself as a mutant and therefore a thing needing to be destroyed.
The Siege Perilous presumably judged the combined entities, and Nimrod and the Master Mold were recreated as a human. The early history of Bastion remains unrevealed, but it is known that he spent years being brought up by the Rose. Bastion nevertheless held a deep resentment for mutants, and decided to dedicate his life to anti-mutant causes. Bastion entered politics, and after many years rose to a position leading Operation: Zero Tolerance, a variation of the original Sentinel-building program on behalf of the United States government.
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