Personal Info:
Real Name: Franklin Hall
Also Known As: Minister of Science
Place Of Birth: Banff, Alberta, Canada
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.1 #158 (1977) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Halflife, Quantum, Zzzax, Moonstone
Group Affiliation: A.I.M., Graviton's Forces, Spider-Framers, Legion Accursed
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: The Thunderbolts and Avengers
Creators: Jim Shooter and Sal Buscema
Gallery: Click
Gravity Manipulation: Graviton has the superhuman ability to control gravitation. His power is so great as to nearly be immeasurable. He can increase and decrease gravity to a nearly unlimited number of objects at the same time, even while distracted. He has proven to control the gravity around objects of any mass, even particles of energy and objects slightly out of phase with reality. He can cause enough force to hold down the Asgardian god Thor. He can also form gravitic force bolts and force fields, fly and levitate.
Franklin Hall was just an ordinary man. He worked as a high energy Physicist on a project to develop a teleportation beam. A power surge caused the device to work for the first and last time. It seized an experimental Gravity element in a nearby laboratory and scrambled his molecules with its energized atoms giving him his powers to control Gravity. Assuming the identity Graviton he set out on his life of crime.
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