Mister X
Mister X
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Wolverine 159
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Worldwide
Grudges: Wolverine
Gallery: Click
Mister X has no super human powers, however he is one of the greatest Martial Artist in the world. He is trained in almost every martial-arts discipline and his body is a lethal weapon. He is also a master of virtually all hand-to-hand weapons and many missile-based weapons. Mister is also an acrobat and his speed levels are nearly super human.
Mister X real name is unknown. As a child he was born to wealthy parents and wanted for nothing. An incident during his childhood however, changed his future destiny forever. Witnessing an accident in which a woman was hit by a car he watched as the woman died in his arms and found the experience glorious. In his later life he could find nothing to top the experience and turned to murder to full fill his needs. In the end even this became mundane and Mister X decided he needed to hunt more difficult prey and began training to become a total killing machine. Mastering martial arts, boxing and hundreds of forms of combat armed and unarmed Mister X seeks out the best of the best to kill and there fore prove himself the best.