New Sun
New Sun
Personal Info:
Real Name: Remy LeBeau
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Alternate Earth
First Appearance: Gambit Vol.3 5
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Worldwide
Grudges: Gambit
Gallery: Click
Interkinetic Manipulation: New Sun is able to command and manipulate all manner of kinetic energy, biokinetically augmenting his strength, speed, endurance and reflexes, converting matter into energy at a sub-molecular level, causing objects to vaporize or explode, transplanting matter through time and space, and propelling himself by a wave-like aura.
New Sun is an alternate reality version of this world’s Gambit. In his reality New Sun was brought up within the Alpha-1 mutant research and genetic planning facility. He was prepared from birth in the use of his powers and eventually escaped, destroying the facility in the process. In his universe, New Sun fought with both the X-Men, and for and against Earths other heroes. In his reality Jean-Luc LeBeau was a mentor to New Sun, and helped New Sun full fill the prophecies of Le Diable Blanc (the resurrection of the old kingdom and heaven on earth). To full fill this prophecy New Sun had the energies of the Long-Dead Kings channelled into him, which caused his bio-kinetic powers to expand and destroy the planet. Ravaged by grief and guilt New Sun travels from reality to reality searching out alternate Remy LeBeau’s and killing them to ensure the accident can never be repeated.