Personal Info:
Real Name: Max Eisenhardt
Also Known As: Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, Erik the Red, Grey King, King Erik Magnus, Master of Magnetism, Michael Xavier, White King, White Pilgrim
Place Of Birth: Nuremberg, Germany
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.1 #1 (1963) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Charles Xavier, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men, Hellfire Club, Acolytes, New Mutants, Savage Land Mutates, Marauders
Group Affiliation: Brotherhood of Arakko, Great Ring of Arakko; Formerly Quiet Council of Krakoa, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men, Horsemen of Salvation, Hellfire Club, Astonishing Avengers, Genoshan Excalibur, The Twelve, Acolytes, New Mutants, Savage Land Mutates, Mossad, Genoshan Cabinet, Magneto's Army
Base Of Operations: Autumn Palace, Elysium Mons, Planet Arakko
Grudges: None
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Gallery: Click
Magnetic Control: Magneto is a supremely powerful mutant capable of manipulating and channelling magnetic fields, even to the point of tapping into the electro-magnetic spectrum of the Earth itself. He can manipulate iron and iron-based alloys to his whim. He can assemble complex machinery, explode most metal constructs, and manipulate ferrous objects with nearly unlimited range. He can create force fields of unearthly strength, stopping nearly all physical and energy attacks. He can also fly under this own power. Magneto can also detect movement within magnetic lines of force and can their fore detect teleporting and invisible opponents.
Energy Control: To some extent Magneto can control other forms of energy such as: heat, light, ultraviolet, gamma radiations, and even gravitons.
Telepathy: Magneto has a limited telepathic ability with which he can project his thoughts into others minds.
Astral Projection: Magneto is able to enter the astral plain with limited ability.
Body Armour: Magneto’s ferrous costume provides him with some protection from physical damage.
The man that would become known as "Magneto" was born Max Eisenhardt in Germany during the 1920's to a middle class Jewish family. His father, Jakob Eisenhardt, was a World War I veteran and a proud German. The family struggled against discrimination and hardship during the Nazi's rise to power, the Nuremberg laws, and Kristallnacht. In the early 1930's, the family fled to Poland, where they were captured during the Nazi invasion and sent to the Warsaw Ghetto. They managed to escape the ghetto, but were captured again. Max's mother, father, and sister were executed, but Max survived (potentially thanks to an early manifestation of his powers) and was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp.
There, Max became a Sonderkommando, forced to dispose of gas chamber victims. While at the camp, Max was reunited with a girl he had fallen in love with during his school days named Magda. Max and and Magda escaped when Auschwitz was liberated and were soon married. They moved to the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, where they started their new lives together. Max adopted the name "Magnus" and Magda gave birth to their daughter who they named Anya.
Magnus worked as a carpenter to support the family and for a time they lived happily. One night Magnus was attacked and instinctively lashed out with his mutant powers of magnetism (which had never surfaced before due to a bout of scarlet fever as a child), killing the attackers. Later that evening, he returned home to find his house on fire, with Anya trapped inside. Magnus rushed inside to rescue her but he was too late. Enraged at the death of his beloved daughter, he used his new powers to kill the surrounding mob that started the fire. Magda, terrified of her husband's strange abilities, fled to the forest and never saw her husband again.
Magda made her way to Wundagore Mountain, where she gave birth to twins Pietro and Wanda (who would grew up to be Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, respectively). Magda later disappeared, presumed deceased. During the next few years Magnus had an identity forger named Greg Odekirk create him a new identity, reinventing himself as a gypsy named "Erik Magnus Lehnsherr". It was while using this identity that he went to Israel to help at a psychiatric hospital. There, he met Professor Charles Xavier. The two became fast friends, playing chess and having intellectual debates about mutation and the future of mankind.
When Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker attacked a young patient named Gabrielle Haller, Xavier and Magnus used their powers in order to save her. Following the battle, Charles and Magnus realized they had very differing ideologies. Magnus disappeared and the two friends would not meet again for many years. During the next few years, Magnus worked for the CIA hunting Nazis, but this association ended when they murdered a girl he was becoming close to. Magnus would not be seen again until he became the mutant known as Magneto.
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