Space Parasite
Space Parasite
Personal Info:
Real Name: Randau
Also Known As: King Randau
Place Of Birth: Xeron
First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #103 (1968) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: The Collector
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: The Hulk
Creators: Gary Friedrich and Marie Severin
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Enhanced Abilities: The Space Parasite has super human strength, endurance and agility.
Body Armour: The Space Parasite has a high level of protection form physical and energy attacks.
Energy Drain: The Space Parasite can drain the strength, abilities, and life energy from others into himself on contact. It is necessary for him to do this to maintain his own life.
Star Sceptre: The Space Parasite carries an energy sword which fires solar blasts and can be used as a physical weapon.
Randau was originally a benevolent and well-loved ruler of the advanced society of the planet Xeron. When an alien armada attacked a neighbouring planet, Randau realized that the armada would attack and potentially overrun Xeron next. Knowing that Xeron had no military might to battle the invaders, Randau, subjected himself to exposure to the Solar Chamber, where he was bathed in the mysterious rays of Xeron's third sun. After this exposure, he developed great power, and attacked the alien armada himself. He succeeded in destroying the entire armada, but found that he could not simply return to Xeron. Either the mutation itself, or the violence of battle, or a combination of the two awakened within him a thirst for conquest, which could not be quenched. He announced he was leaving to destroy all other potential menaces to Xeron, and spent the next several years attacking and conquering every race or being he encountered.
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