Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo
Personal Info:
Real Name: Heinrich Zemo
Also Known As: The Masked Monarch
Place Of Birth: Castle Zemo, Germany
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.1 #4 (1964) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Masters Of Evil I
Group Affiliation: Formerly Legion of the Unliving; Masters of Evil I, Nazis
Base Of Operations: South America
Grudges: Captain America
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
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Baron Zemo is a brilliant scientific genius who has made great advances in the field of laser technology, the development of adhesives, genetic manipulation, and the creation of androids. Zemo has also trained himself in various forms of unarmed combat, including karate.
Slowed Aging: Thanks to his special Compund X, Zemo's aging has been slowed by a significant amount, bordering on immortality. This has allowed him to retain his youthful vigor, vitality, and appearance well into his old chronological age.
Inventions: Zemo invented a number of things over the years that he has utilised. He created a laser pistol, Adhesive X a powerful bonding agent. It is almost impossible to seperate anything that Adehsive X has been applied too. He developed Formula X, A special gas that can instantly tranquilize anyone affected. Zemo's "Particle X" is a specialized form of energy that can instantly disable any form of machinery or anything mechanical. He also developed headband that blocks telepathic attacks.
Disintegrator Gun: Zemo carries a disintegrator gun as a hand weapon.
An elite Nazi scientist during World War II, Zemo developed a life-long loathing for Captain America when a skirmish with Cap resulted in Zemo being splashed with his own Adhesive X, permanently affixing his menacing magenta mask to his face. Zemo lured Captain America and Bucky into a trap that blew Bucky up before Captain America's eyes and threw Captain America himself into decades of suspended animation before the Avengers discovered and revived him. He also killed the 1940s Polish freedom fighter called Citizen V. When Captain America returned to activity and joined the Avengers, Zemo emerged from seclusion in South America and founded the Masters of Evil to destroy the Avengers.
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