Personal Info:
Real Name: Perrikus
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: The dimension of Narcisson
First Appearance: Thor Vol.2 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Dark Gods
Base Of Operations: The dimension of Narcisson
Grudges: Thor
Enhanced Abilities: Perrikus has upper level superhuman strength, and endurance.
Body Armour: Perrikus is virtually impervious to physical and energy attacks.
Scythe: Perrikus carries a scythe which was able to cleave through uru metal.
Energy Attack: Perrikus can project blasts of energy from his hands.
A long time ago, Odin sent out scouts to explore the universe. One scout named Lonkarr, happened upon a city called Narcisson, which was like the evil twin of Asgard. While there he was attacked by a woman named Tserron. They battled for hours until Lonkarr killed her, upon which Perrikus arrived and told Lonkarr that he had killed his wife. Lonkarr escaped and warned Odin of these horrible Dark Gods, and a war ensued. The War went on for two weeks until the Dark Gods stood triumphant. The ruler of the Dark Gods, Majeston Zelia, offered Odin a position as her consort, and if he took it, she would spare his people. He refused, and Perrikus was about to kill Odin, when a young Thor inspired his father to keep fighting and threw him a broken spear. Odin triumphed, and defeated the Dark Gods. Odin banished all of them, but kept Perrikus in a special cell in Asgard. He then erased the memories of the war from everyone's mind but his since it was so traumatic.